Try Our Comfortable Winter Rentals in North Myrtle Beach

When it comes to escaping the cold and snow of winter up north there’s no better place to go than coastal South Carolina. We have many winter rentals in North Myrtle Beach that you’re just gonna love! All of our rentals are beautifully furnished and professionally decorated in beach themes. You’ll enjoy even more than all the comforts of home because you’ll be at the beach! When you’re here there’s no snow shoveling involved. We promise!

winter rentals in North Myrtle BeachOnce you retire you really don’t need to hang around and shovel snow all winter. Why not do what many other retirees before you have done and drive south to spend their winter here in South Carolina. Many come for 1-3 months, some even for the entire winter. You’ll find it’s easy to make friends here with others who escape the cold of the north. Once spring comes everyone returns home until winter comes again.

Just imagine spending the winter playing golf, walking the beach every day, riding your beach cruiser around the neighborhood and visiting all the local malls and specialty shops. You’ll find it to be a huge improvement over past winters. The North Myrtle Beach winter rentals that we have are priced way below their summer rates – often at 60-75% less than the in-season rates. Plus you’ll have all the same amenities to enjoy that the summer vacationers do! That’s why so many people can afford to come here and stay as long as they do. That’s why so many people love it here and keep coming back!

Here’s wishing everyone a happy and safe New Year’s!

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