Snowbirds Enjoying the Grand Strand

Myrtle Beach SC house rentalsWinter is here and it won’t be long before spring arrives and with it the hoards of hot weather golfers. If you’re looking for Myrtle Beach SC house rentals where you can spend the rest of your winter we can help you with that. We have quite a few long-term rentals in the area that we’d be delighted to show you.

Attracted by miles of sugar white beach and temperatures averaging in the 60s, thousands of people make their southbound pilgrimage to the Coastal Carolina’s from October to March every year. These people, affectionately nicknamed “snowbirds”, go back home to the north when temperatures start to warm up in early spring.

A financial benefit of heading to the beach in the winter is staying in  Myrtle Beach SC house rentals at a substantially less amount than many pay for their mortgages or rent up north. Here, winter monthly rates are generally about what summer beachgoers usually pay for a one week stay.

The snowbirds may come down to the South Carolina coast to get away from blinding blizzards and treacherous ice storms but, before they return home, they have made lasting friendships and had a positive impact on the area. A combination of the two explains why so many of them return year after year. It is because their Myrtle Beach SC house rentals have truly become a home away from home. Why not make it yours too?

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