It’s Time to Take That Golf Getaway

Myrtle Beach SC vacation rentalIf you are looking for a relaxing golf getaway this time of year, Myrtle Beach is the top east coast choice for amateurs and professionals alike. One of the main reasons why it is so popular is because it’s so easy and affordable for people to come for a short or an extended stay.

Finding an affordable Myrtle Beach SC vacation rental is easy, and in most cases comes with an ocean or river front view. There are packages specific for different courses, but even the most modestly priced offers Founders Club, Players Club, The Pearl, and Carolina National. All are world class golf destinations.

South Carolina is renowned the world over for its incredible beaches. But let’s be honest, you are here for the golf, and even at first glance there are many packages for different courses available and all of them are located in or around your Myrtle Beach SC vacation rental. Many of these resorts even come with plenty of planned activities for loyal family members of golfers who wish for a more rounded vacation experience. From your Myrtle Beach SC vacation rental there will never be a shortage of things available to occupy your family’s time.

If transportation is a concern, you can rest easier knowing it is no more than a full day’s drive from Chicago, and not even 10 hours from Florida and Washington D.C.

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