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How your Vacation Rental Management Company can Provide Contactless Experiences

Stay Breeze   |   05 Oct 2020
Remember the days of camping out of a rental management office to check-in for hours, just to be turned away because your property wasn’t ready? Providing contact-less systems and amenities for the guests who stay in your unit or at your vacation rental are more important now than they ever, but the convenience and security they provide has grown adaptation by professional managers increasingly over the past decade.  When implementing contact-less systems the management company runs the risk of losing the high personal touch and a long term relationship with the guest. Here are examples of how Stay Breeze can keep guest experiences high with low physical contact.

Contact-less Check In
Regardless of the guest coming from a channel such as VRBO or Airbnb, or they could be coming directly from booking on your site, contact-less check in eliminates manual tiresome   hours of your management company employees sitting at a front desk and giving them  flexibility to focus on more important tasks such as special requests and quality experiences and communications. This is just one benefit. With current circumstances, travelers appreciate the practice of social distancing and contact-less check in is helping market your unit or vacation rental as well.

When a traveler goes on Google, Airbnb, or VRBO for their next trip there is a huge buzz around contact-less. That could be contact-less check in or contact-less entry. Regardless, contact-less check in and entry is a selling point to a traveler. A traveler is more likely to book at a vacation rental that is contact-less and promoting social distancing.  This gives travelers the confidence and trust a professional manager provides a clean and safe space for them to stay.

Smart Locks
Now that the guest has made it past check in, the next step is entering the home. Providing smart locks and keyless entry went from a luxury to a necessity more recently due to the need of less human interaction. Providing key-less entry eliminates the risk of a guest making a copy of your key and also provides less human interaction.

Smart locks are available through many third party vendors including Dormakaba, Lynx, and PointCentral making it available for your vacation rental management company to partner with an industry leading provider.

ID Verification
As an owner, your vacation rental management company should make you feel secure and excited about reservations and high occupancy rates. You do not want to worry about bad guest experiences or damage done to your unit. Prior to reservation confirmation, Stay Breeze screens a “bad guest database” through third-party vendors. This not only prevents guests flagged for false identities, damage claims or worse from renting your property in the first place, but eliminates physical contact of checking and copying IDs of rental leaseholders at the check-in desk. How does it work you might ask?

Guest screening involves robust algorithms that helps determine the risk of a guest. Between the date, unit, and guest history we know who to keep an eye on or who to deny a reservation.

Choosing Your Vacation Rental Company
When making the switch or choosing your first property management company it is important to vet out companies who support social distancing and provide solutions and services for your home to create exceptional guest experiences. If you’re looking to make the switch or list your property on a professionally managed program for the first time, drop us a note on the form below and we’ll get in touch with you.
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